Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thank You.

This is so cool. As a boy I always dreamed of playing poker or making movies. To combine both into one experience… it's only fitting that poker made another dream of mine come true. That's what poker has done for me, and I feel very fortunate right now. 

In co-producing BET RAISE FOLD I was put in an interesting position as both an online poker player and a member of the poker community. I found myself on the outside looking in, trying to analyze who we were, and after Black Friday, what had happened to us. From the outside what I saw was unsettling. I saw that Black Friday had destroyed our spirits. We loved online poker and we loved the lives we were able to live because of it. We were dreamers, but in one fell swoop the absurd forces that exist in the world turned us into cynics. We took the ultimate bad beat in Black Friday because it robbed us of the chance to keep grinding through the downswing.

Here's what I believe about poker. The spirit of the poker maverick is enduring. It will not be extinguished. The dream is not gone. If you work hard and believe in it, it will always be within your reach. I hope BET RAISE FOLD can help start to heal the wounds of Black Friday and give us hope for brighter days ahead. From the inside looking out and the outside looking in, I'm proud to be a part of this community. 

Thank you.


  1. Thankyou Jay for your great work. Bet Raise Fold is a must watch for any card player. Terrific

  2. I've never made a living from poker, and odds are I never will. But I love the game. I have no doubt that those in the community that love AND live poker will not be deterred regardless of the circumstances surrounding poker. Looking forward to seeing the film. Here's hoping that the real grinders out there can get back to it sooner than later.